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The advertising department of Cinémas 2 Monaco trusts ART VISION Digital Agency and offers you to broadcast your advertising spot in the movie theaters before each screening.



Places of broadcasting

  • Cinéma des Beaux-Arts – all year round
  • Monaco Open Air Cinema – from mid-June to mid-September

Estimated number of showings

  • 8 screenings/room/day – 7 days a week
  • From mid-June to mid-September, 1 additional screening every evening at the Open Air Cinema, i.e. 90 additional screenings.
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Client types

  • CSP+
  • Local
  • International
  • Families


1 - Why should I consider cinema advertising for my company?

Cinema advertising offers several unique advantages. First, it reaches a captive, engaged audience. Unlike TV or the Internet, where ads can be easily ignored or avoided, at the cinema, viewers are more likely to watch your entire ad. Cinemas attract a variety of demographic groups, enabling you to reach a wide audience. Finally, the large screen size and sound quality can give your ad a powerful impact.

2 - What type of content is most effective for cinema advertising?

The most effective film ads are usually those that tell a story and emotionally engage the audience. It’s important that your ad is visually appealing and memorable, as you’ll be competing for the audience’s attention against blockbuster films. It’s a good idea to include a clear call to action to guide the audience to the next step, whether that’s visiting your website, calling a phone number or looking for more information about your product or service.

3 - Is cinema advertising suitable for all companies?

Cinema advertising can be an effective marketing strategy for many companies, and is suitable for all.

We offer to broadcast your advertising spot in all the movie theaters at the Princess Grace Theater and the Open Air Cinema for 9 broadcasts per day, a reasonable budget starting at 2,000.00 EUR per month and decreasing from 3 months.

If, for example, you select 4 months of broadcasting, you can choose different periods of the year.

You can send us your choice of slots and spots so that the control room can allocate the dates you require and schedule your broadcast.


This video was made in Motion Design by ART VISION Digital Agency to promote the advertising department of Cinémas 2 Monaco.
It is intended for all sectors of activity wishing to communicate on their services or their products.

Motion Design (or animation design) which consists in animating graphic elements is a very popular technique in the field of Content Marketing and Brand Content. The objective is to boost the visibility of your services and thus broadcast effective audiovisual content to reach your target.


1 – Cost reduction

Unlike traditional video, motion design involves a small team of one motion designer and one project manager, which automatically reduces costs. In addition, the time spent on making a full motion design animation is much less than the time spent on shooting a commercial, which also reduces the cost of making it.

2 – Freedom of creation

Motion design animation is limited only by the imagination. It is therefore possible to create a whole universe for your brand and to instill the spirit of your company by adopting a particular style.

3 – Simple, fun and clear content

Motion design animations are appreciated for their modern, dynamic, synthetic and educational style. They provide a visual understandable by all in a minimum of time to better reach your target.

4 – Unique content, quality and brand image

Motion design allows you to animate illustrations in a contemporary and innovative spirit while using the graphic chart of the client company.

5 – B2B and B2C

Motion design fits equally well into content marketing strategies in B2B and B2C.

6 – High conversion rate

Finally, motion design animations have the advantage of being effective, positive and viral, which leads to a high conversion rate.



Launching a new product or service

Motion design allows you to present a new product or service by explaining in steps how it works, the different uses, the advantages and finally the solutions brought to overcome a particular problem.

Diffusion of information

Motion design highlights key information such as numbers or statistics in order to inform about particular facts, to raise awareness of a cause or to convey a message.



Motion design is very popular in the field of education for its synthetic and pedagogical function because it restores information in a very organized way by breaking down complex information in steps to make it more understandable to children and students.