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Exclusive digital creations in Ultra High Definition are adaptable to multiple media


Urban Display

Advertising posters are a highly effective communication tool for promoting your products, your event or your company.

Ideal for communicating with the general public, it can be used both indoors and outdoors, and adapts to different environments.

ART VISION’s digital creations are exclusive and highlight your company’s vision. So you stand out from the competition with a unique visual impact.

Digital Display

The dynamic poster displays multimedia content in public spaces on a screen, a wall of screens or by video projection.

This type of content allows you to publish interactive, modern and captivating visual animations.

XXL Giant Tarpaulins

Large-format tarpaulins offer superb communication space in an urban environment. These ingenious products can be mounted on scaffolding or monuments, while at the same time broadcasting information to the public.

ART VISION’s exclusive digital creations have a resolution that can cover an advertising surface up to 11 meters high without pixelation.

This guarantees maximum visibility with exceptional rendering and reinforces the impact of your eye-catching advertising message.


Trade show stands

Develop your reputation at an event, trade show or conference with a customized stand 100% in your image, and communicate your values for a tenfold impact.

Adapted to any surface, a custom-built stand gives your company a grandiose effect and makes the most of your products and services.


1 - Impactful, clear, targeted advertising

Spread a simple, effective and impactful message by communicating on a large-format medium. This highly visual communication captivates the general public and generates interest in your brand.

2 - A presence in the right place at the right time

OOH advertising lets you define the most relevant times and places where you want to broadcast your campaign, as close as possible to your audience and their daily lives.

3 - A medium for all types of advertising

Whether you’re communicating about an event, products or services, you’ll benefit from high visibility and reach a wide audience in the urban environment.

4 - A recurring advertising message

By communicating on this medium, you remain visible to your audience over a long period of time and several times a day.

You’re omnipresent on your target’s journeys and usual routes.

5 - An increase in your credibility

Deploying a billboard campaign in urban spaces maximizes your visibility through a medium that reaches a large mass audience, giving instant credence to your message.

6 - Synergy between outdoor advertising and other media

Billboard advertising reinforces other means of communication, such as social networks, traditional media and cinema commercials.

It’s strongly recommend to use urban billboards as part of a multi-media campaign.