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Monaco Méditerranée – Le Salon

This exhibition is placed under the High Patronage of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco.

MONACO MÉDITERRANÉE – Le Salon is an event at which various specialties from countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea are brought together. These countries include :

  • Monaco
  • France
  • Italy
  • Lebanon
  • Greece
  • Turkey

The aim is to form a direct relationship between the public and the many craftsmen, producers, manufacturers and local distributors present and thus discover the diversity of their separate cultures.

As a result of their unique knowledge and experience, each country is continually developing quality products, which are exhibited here with great enthusiasm on their various stands. Cleverly arranged and tempting to both eye and palate, these stands offer a multitude of original and varied flavors. The sale of products during the Salon allows visitors to benefit from the firsthand knowledge of producers and from a range of producers’ prices adapted to all needs.

The Venue – Chapiteau de Fontvieille

This famous Chapiteau de Fontvieille has been chosen to house the MONACO MEDITERRANÉE Salon. With its 8665m2 it is a prodigious location in which to house galas, salons, shows, expositions, car demonstrations, sportive displays and of course the unavoidable International Monte-Carlo Circus Festival, initiated in 1974 by Prince Rainier lll.

The Villages

1 – Fashion & Lifestyle

So much more than just a commercial meeting, this event is also a meeting place and a source of information. It offers a wide range of articles of clothing, accessories, leather goods and jewelry resulting from the unique expertise of designers from each represented country. A varied collection of furniture reflects the different lifestyles existing along the Mediterranean coastline.

2 – Art

The Salon allows for artists to exhibit their works without the intermediary of a gallery. Thus, individual stands can, in this way, insure a permanent contact of the artists themselves with visitors throughout the event.

3 – Gastronomy

This event not only combines a convivial moment and an exchange of regional knowledge. But it is also an inevitable rendezvous for gourmets and lovers of Mediterranean gastronomy. Sweet and savory products are there to be tasted on a gourmand tour of flavors and specialties which are the pride of their producers.

Quality services and events for an enriched experience MONACO MEDITERRANEE

This open space is specially adapted to the needs and requests of the consumers: to promote local production, rediscover the taste of home produce, to benefit from equitable producer prices and, at the same time to be able to check the product quality and tractability.

Equally devoted to their respective skills, the artisans and local producers present offer a wide range of readily available articles.

The objectives of the Salon MONACO MÉDITERRANÉE

  1. To defend our business enterprises as a source of economic growth and qualified employment
  2. To promote our competence and develop competition
  3. To promote local supply circuits and encourage business affairs
  4. To prepare and follow up business mutations towards future industry and the ecological transition.

Key Points

What ?

The first global event bringing together Mediterranean players in several sectors to promote solutions for a better future.

For whom ?

Visitors, willing to discover the mediterranean culture through gastronomy, art and fashion.

Who ?

Exhibitors representing their cultural diversity.

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