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Financing your Digital Project in Monaco

To support the economic recovery of Monaco via digital technology, the Government has drawn up the Fonds Bleu which cofinances the digital transition projects of the Monegasque companies.

The Fonds Bleu co-finances the accepted projects, from 30% to 70% of the presented budget.

The objectives of the Fonds Bleu :

Develop the digital maturity of Monegasque companies

Promote a favorable ecosystem for the digital economy

Supporting the Monegasque digital business services industry

Criteria for Eligibility:

Criteria related to the company:

  • Be duly registered in the Principality’s Trade and Industry Registry or be able to show a current ministerial authorisation
  • Be able to prove that it operates a genuine business in the Principality
  • Be up to date with all legal obligations (tax, social, administrative, etc.)
  • Have carried out a digital maturity self-assessment on the EME platform.

The Digital Transition Project

Projects are acceptable if they form part of a digital transition plan with one of the following three aims:

  • Improving the customer experience and sales (for example, increasing visibility, new sales channels, redesigning the customer front office, customer relationship management, etc.)
  • Improving productivity (for example, use of digital HR, financial management and procurement solutions, introduction of electronic signature, moving processes online, etc.)
  • Launching new economic models that rely on digital technology (for example: creating services on the sovereign cloud, etc.)

To be acceptable, projects must also create added value (add new jobs, increase revenue, etc.).

ART VISION – Digital Professional in Monaco

Our areas of expertise :


Website Development

Audit & Consulting

Marketing and Digital Communication


Send us by email the results of your digital maturity self-assessment and we will propose you a tailored solution for the achievement of your project.