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Serena Bonomi Karkour

Creation & Communication Director


Master I in Culture, Communication and Intellectual Property Law

Paul Cézanne Aix-Marseille III University

Degree in History of Art

Schuman Center Aix-Marseille University

Master II Expert in Marketing and Diffusion of Artworks

IESA Paris


French, English, Italian

The study of Law has developed my sense of observation as well as an analytical mind allowing to understand a problem as a whole and to provide a solution adapted to each situation. The Law requires in fact to be reactive and to deal with all eventualities. Therefore I combine rapid decision-making with measured risk-taking. Le droit nécessite en effet d’être réactif et de parer à toutes les éventualités. J’allie donc prise de décision rapide avec prise de risque mesuré.

Studying Fine Arts and Art History has developed my aesthetic apprehension of the world as well as a keen awareness of the need to preserve and perpetuate the cultural legacy that we inherit. In my graphic designs, I am inspired by artistic currents from different places and times, adapting them to each individual’s profile and sensibilities.

Art is rich in all its forms of expression – painting, drawing, sculpture, dance, architecture, music, cinema and literature – and it is this richness that I love to explore to create unique digital works.

Fedora Bonomi Karkour

Web Project Director


Master in Molecular and Biological Chemistry

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL)

Thesis on Functional Platinum Drugs

1st year of phD in Chemistry

Imperial College London

Multi-Metallic Lanthanide Probes for Biomedical Imaging

UX Design

Glasgow Caledonian University


French, English, Italian

Chemistry gave me a structure coupled with a great sense for the detail, having taught me to leave nothing to chance. In the EPFL and Imperial College labs, I learned to be thorough in every move and analyze every piece of data. Learning new software allows me to constantly update my knowledge.

Thus, my training was transposed into web design for which I followed MOOCs such as UX Design offered by the Glasgow Caledonian University and Google Digital Marketing. The development of a website is like a dashboard in which you have to master the codes, formulas, ins and outs.

Like Chemistry, Web Development is a science that is constantly updating. There is definitely a need to be rigorous and to develop processes. As an engineer, I invent and therefore realize solutions adapted to each request, combining rigor and creativity.