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The Project

Capital Real Estate is an exclusive real estate agency based in Monaco and specialized in the Monegasque real estate market. Its international team accompanies its clients in their real estate projects and guarantees a complete service for buying, renting, selling, valuing or managing a property in Monaco.
The project consists in redesigning the agency’s brand image with the exclusive creation of a digital work for advertising purposes, the development of a listing website and the establishment of a complete visual identity.


  1. Establish a visual identity for Capital Real Estate with a logo, graphic chart and custom QR Code.
  2. Create a digital artwork in ultra high definition to illustrate the real estate activity of Capital Real Estate in Monaco
  3. Design an ergonomic, listing, multilingual (French, English and Italian), secure and mobile-friendly website
  4. Propel the agency on search engines and optimize its referencing

Challenges and Solutions

The challenges were:

  • The realization of an advertising work representing the view of Monaco with the creation of vector elements which constitute the details of this work.
  • The development of a listing website with the creation of modules for the publication of properties, a system of filters and custom fields, all working in 3 languages.


The creation of the visual identity was inspired by Monaco and the French Riviera with pastel colors ranging from salmon pink to sky blue on a white background.

The digital artwork in ultra high definition is a vector graphic representing the famous view of Monaco on a sunny day. This work describes all the activities of Capital Real Estate on the Monegasque real estate market.

This work has been realized with the artistic knowledge of the digital graphic designer, without any help of programming, machine learning software or artificial intelligence.

The strength of this digital work is its ultra high resolution which allows it to adapt to all sizes of media for print-ready and any type, whether digital, paper or microperforated film.

The logo is a synthetic representation of the real estate activity of the agency. From this logo, the favicon and the QR Code associated with the Capital Real Estate website were created.


The listing website is secured by us. It has been designed from the established graphic chart as well as the logo, the digital work and the explanatory icons by using image optimization techniques without losing definition.

The site is a listing type, it includes modules for publishing properties, a filter system by criteria as well as dynamic and custom fields allowing to describe each property in particular. It was designed exclusively for Capital Real Estate with the help of the technical knowledge of the web developer.

It also features a WhatsApp module to initiate an interactive chat with visitors.

The strength of this website is its capacity of automated publication in several languages. It is also ergonomic with its pure design and responds to visitors’ requests concerning the characteristics of the properties such as the total surface area, the number of bedrooms, the number of bathrooms and especially the number of parking spaces, which is very important in Monaco. Finally, it is designed 100% responsive for all screens, which favors the indexing of the site and improves its search engine optimization (SEO).
In summary, the navigation on the site is comfortable and adapted to all users whatever the device used as the Desktop, the Tablet or the Mobile.

This configuration of this listing website allows Capital Real Estate to increase its presence on search engines through search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine advertising (SEA).