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The Project

Triber Global is an integrator with an environmental vision that provides highly technological solutions in the fields of Waste-to-Energy and Biosafety Solution.

The project consists in the implementation of the whole communication strategy of the Triber Group for the participation in international trade shows such as the Hajj & Umrah Services Exhibition in Jeddah and the Sea Trade in Miami.


  1. Implement the Triber Group’s visual identity with a logo, a graphic chart and a custom-made QR Code
  2. Create a digital artwork in ultra high definition to illustrate the different activities of the Triber group in the world
  3. Prepare print-ready materials such as corporate business cards, advertising brochure, fascia and modular for Triber’s booth at the Hajj & Umrah Services Exhibition as well as the Sea Trade in Miami
  4. Designing an ergonomic, multilingual (English and French), secure and mobile-friendly website
  5. Projecting the Triber group in social networks such as LinkedIn with a professional page, and YouTube with a channel that hosts advertising videos

Challenges and Solutions

The challenge was SPEED AND RESPONSIVENESS in implementing this project for the opening of the Hajj & Umrah Services Exhibition in Jeddah.


The creation of the visual identity started with Triber Global’s iconic colors of navy blue, white and orange. These colors were adapted and used on a dark background for a better contrast and a more modern look in the Triber Global brand identity.

The digital artwork in ultra high definition is a vector graphic representing a world map seen at night with the lights of the megacities and the air traffic. This work describes the whole of Triber Global’s activities which are deployed throughout the world and which deal with biosafety as well as the energy recovery of waste.

This work has been realized with the artistic knowledge of the digital graphic designer, without any help of programming, machine learning software or artificial intelligence.

Photo Gallery

Triber Global Stand at the Hajj & Umrah Services Exhibition in Jeddah. In the background, the 6m x 2.44m banner with the Triber group logo, designed by ART VISION Digital Agency © Photo Triber Global

The strength of this digital work is its ultra high definition which allows it to be adapted to any type of support and different sizes ranging from the leaflet to the huge advertising banner that was exhibited at the Hajj & Umrah Services Exhibition. Indeed, the modular was printed on a 6m wide and 2m44 high support.

The logo is a geometric representation of the One Health approach with a network of conscious, committed and global-minded companies and investors. From this logo, the favicon and QR Code associated with the Triber Group website were derived.


For the communication of the Triber group, print-ready files were produced including the visual identity elements that were created for this purpose, in particular the digital artwork that is perfectly adapted to all formats and the vectorized QR Code that redirects to the Triber website.

In addition, print-ready business cards were produced for all Triber Global collaborators.


The website is hosted and secured by ART VISION, it has been realized following the established graphic charter and publishing the logo, the digital work and the explanatory images with image optimization techniques without loss of resolution.
The template of this showcase website was created exclusively for Triber Global with the help of the technical knowledge of the web developer.

The strength of this website is its ergonomic character, its unique design with contrast and transparency effects, as well as its 100% responsive design for all screens. This allows to favor the indexation of the site and to improve its search engine optimization (SEO).

As a result, navigation on the site is made comfortable and adapted to all users whether they are on Desktop, Tablet or Mobile.

This configuration also allows to capture the users of social networks on which Triber Global is active.