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The Project

Under the High Patronage of H.S.H. the Prince Albert II of Monaco.

From left to right, Serena Bonomi Karkour (co-founder of the monegasque Digital Agency ART VISION and Sponsor of the Salon), Lana Bouery, H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, Bouran Hallani (Director of the company GEO Events and Organizer of the Salon) and Fedora Bonomi Karkour (co-founder of the monegasque Digital Agency ART VISION and Sponsor of the Salon) © Direction de la Communication / Michael Alesi

The MONACO MEDITERRANÉE Salon is an event at which various specialties from countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea are brought together. These countries include Monaco, France, Italy, Lebanon, Greece and Turkey. The aim is to form a direct relationship between the public and the many craftsmen, producers, manufacturers and local distributors present and thus discover the diversity of their separate cultures.


  1. Create a visual identity for the exhibition with the ceramics
  2. Design a website respecting the graphic charter, ergonomic, multilingual (French, English and Italian) and adapted to the mobile
  3. Realize the gates of the countries represented in the Fair, in this case: Monaco, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Lebanon.
  4. Develop an exclusive product in limited series

Challenges and Solutions

The main challenge was clearly SPEED AND ANTICIPATION in the realization of this project.


Due to the uncertainties linked to the pandemic, the project was launched very late, during the month of March 2022 for September 1st 2022.

It was therefore necessary to create a graphic chart, a logo, a QR Code and visuals in less than a month in order to be able to present, as a first step, a catalog promoting the exhibition. This catalog was first submitted to H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, who agreed to place this event under His High Patronage. Then, the prospectus was communicated to the future partners and exhibitors of this Show.

Secondly, the social media of the Monaco Mediterranean Trade Fair were regularly updated with content published in accordance with the visuals and graphic chart of the Salon.

The visuals were inspired by the ceramics found in all the countries bordering the Mediterranean, in order to convey to the public their freshness and their art of living, which is based on hospitality, sharing and aesthetics.

The strength of this visual in ceramics is the ablility to adapt indefinitely to all printing formats. Indeed, their vector, etractable and high définition character gives them a capacity to extend without limits and without losing their resolution. his has allow ed the realization of all displays, from the entrance ticket to the bus sides, while passing by the A4/A3 formats and the giant panels.


At the same time as the visuals were being created, the setting up of the website was also done very quickly with the installation and the parameterization of the software composing it, as well as its hébergement and security. Once the visuals and the graphic chart were established, the site was quickly operational with successful designs and adapted for the mobile.

Indeed, for an optimal user experience, the mobile-friendly (or responsive) design was thought out in order to capture a large audience composed essentially of mobile users coming from search engines, QR Code scans and social media.

The site is also designed to render images in ultra high definition while optimizing the memory used by the images and thus increase its loading speed.

The launch of the website was accompanied by large-scale communication and rigorous search engine optimization, including the choice of keywords and the integration of the URL into the highly active social networks of the Monaco Mediterranean Salon.

The strength of this website is its ability to be progressive. Indeed, as the Monaco Mediterranean Trade Fair was being set up, several solutions had to be considered, such as whether the website should be a showcase or an e-commerce site (with ticketing). Whatever solution was chosen, the site was thought through beforehand so that technically it would be able to respond to one or other of these requests and thus deal with this eventuality as soon as possible.


The gates were created exclusively for the Monaco Mediterranean Salon in order to immerse the public in a visual experience and restore the grandeur of the participating countries, in this case Monaco, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Lebanon.

Each gate is the result of historical, artistic, cultural and heritage research. For Monaco, the gate represented is that of the Grimaldi Palace. For France, it is that of the Palace of Versailles; for Italy, that of the Doge’s Palace in Venice; for Greece, that of the Temple of Athena on the Acropolis; for Turkey, that of the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, and finally that of Lebanon, that of the Beit ed-Dine Palace.

At the inauguration of the exhibition, H.S.H. Prince Albert II and the co-founders of the Monegasque digital agency ART VISION were photographed in front of the gate of Monaco.

The major challenge in the implementation of these gates was the speed of creation. Indeed, several unforeseen events related to the decoration of the Show have challenged the realization of these gates and have upset the entire flowchart. They were therefore made in the middle of August with the constraint of the suppliers’ vacations.

However, the great strength of these gates is their vectorial character. Indeed, this particularity made it possible to print on large panels of 230cm x 200cm images in ultra high definition to be able to appreciate the work of the drawings unt il the least detail.


The “Designed by ART VISION” concept has developed a product exclusive to the Monaco Mediterranée Salon and in limited series. It is a silk scarf 100% made in Italy, the objective being to create a visual and qualitative impact.

The first copy was offered to H.S.H. Prince Albert II for Princess Charlene.

Presentation of the first copy of the silk scarf of the Monaco Mediterranée Salon to H.S.H. Prince Albert II.

The print reproduces the visuals of the ceramics with ultra high definition, an intensity of color faithful to the digital files and an impeccable finish worthy of the know-how of the silk craftsmen.

The challenge was to create a quality product, in limited quantities and at the right price, while taking into account the variable production times. In addition, the product had to be communicated as quickly as possible to maximize sales.





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